Saturday, 6 September 2014

Book Week Scotland

The Scottish Book Trust have announced their plans for this year's Book Week Scotland. This is "a week-long celebration of books and reading", from Monday 24 – Sunday 30 November 2014.

During Book Week, people of all ages and of all walks of life will come together in libraries, schools, community venues and workplaces to share and enjoy books and reading. They will be joined in this celebration by Scotland’s authors, poets, playwrights, storytellers and illustrators to bring a packed programme of events and projects to life.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Guest Post ~ Paper burns at 451ºF and Kindle at just 140ºF

A guest post from fellow bibliophile, Srinivas Shastri of Shastrix blog.

Paper burns at 451ºF and the Kindle at just 140ºF

From the Guardian: Readers absorb less on Kindles than on paper, study finds
A new study which found that readers using a Kindle were "significantly" worse than paperback readers at recalling when events occurred in a mystery story is part of major new Europe-wide research looking at the impact of digitisation on the reading experience.

Felt the same some time back.  From Kindle a Kindred Spirit:
Another thing i worry about is how well i can recall the stuff i read on the Kindle.  Due to the monotonous look and feel (except, perhaps, for a change in font), i find that i can't remember material that well.  But with a book, there are more cues, in terms of where it is located such as:

* Left- or right-hand page
* Location within the page (top, middle, or bottom)
* The look of the page itself.

Note: Kindle burns at 140ºF:

Friday, 27 June 2014


After years of friends and poetry fans nagging me I finally have put a book together. Since I'm not a prolific poet this has been over a decade in the making! It contains old poems, like Homeland, and some new ones.

It can be purchased on and

All the black and white artwork is my own work, created from photographs. Here's an example:

The prose sections are all true stories from my own life;
two were written as blog posts for Kombai and one for Crowsfeet.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Review: Pathway into Sunrise

Every now and then you stumble on a book that changes the way you view the world, life, or yourself. Those seemingly lucky accidents that come your way through a gift or a glance at a shelf in the library, a cover that catches your eye in a book store. Pathway into Sunrise, for me, is one of those books.

Esme Ellis shares her life story, from her childhood in Sheffield to her adult life in London and the South, with open candour. It's not not simply the fascinating story of a woman choosing the non-conformist life of an artist and sculptor, it's her personal journey from youthful good health through a terrifying illness that almost consumed her. A journey of becoming a wounded healer.

You could read for the insight into the problems faced by someone with a legitimate disease (ME) that was not accepted as being real at the time. You could read it as a self-help book, giving useful insight into the creative ways the mind and spirit can be used to heal the body. Or you could read it as a most amazing conversation between a Spirit being and the woman he takes care of. Because this book has a co-writer, who adds comments and insights as well as entire chapters. A most unique co-writer - Esme's Spirit guide.

If you don't believe in Spirit guides or anything esoteric, don't worry about it. Neither did Esme, until she was left with no other explanation for what was happening to her. It would be a shame to skip his sections, since they are full of warm humour and loving advice, but the book is vastly worth reading for Esme's sections alone. For the courageous story of how a remarkable woman coped with nearly dying and having her life plans and career completely torn apart by serious crippling illness to finding her way back to health and sunlight once again.

Sculpting Life out of Darkness...

You find out more about Esme Ellis, her other books and art, on her website here

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bookaholic Heaven

This week, a fellow author sent me a book to review. I can't wait to do that, but before I do I want to talk a little about the place she bought and sent her book from.

Not only do they sell a huge variety of rare and second-hand books online, but they also have a real premises with a cafe! What could be more heavenly than that?

If I lived anywhere near Avon, England I'd take a trip to browse books and have a meal.    

Thursday, 29 May 2014

International Book Awards ~ The Collector of Tears


The International Book Awards have been decided for 2014. You can find the entire list of winners HERE

One of the finalists, in the Visionary Fiction category, was brought to my attention by a publisher. 

The Collector of Tears by Michael C. Keith

A collection of short stories (Publish date: March 2014)   

Here's what reviewers are saying:
"Michael Keith, a master of the near normal and bizarre, holds you in the grip of each story -- scarily when not tenderly -- leaving you to think of his characters long after your visit has ended. And always looking forward to more."

Kathleen Kelley Reardon, author of Shadow Campus and correspondent for The Huffington Post.

"A gripping assortment of tales featuring, among other things, a dangerous, paranoid professor, an ominous military medal, and a magical Morrocan tree. The Collector of Tears is another first-rate story collection from Michael C. Keith, a talented writer at the very height of his powers."
 Nicholas Litchfield, Lowestoft Chronicle
Michael Keith is the author of over 20 books on electronic media, as well as a memoir and three books of fiction.

He is the recipient of numerous awards, among them the International Radio Television Society’s Stanton Fellow Award, the Broadcast Education Association's Distinguished Scholar Award, and the University of Rhode Island’s Achievement Award in the Humanities.

 Available as an e-book for NOOK or KINDLE.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Promotion Special
For the next three days my book, First Light, will be available as a free download (Amazon Kindle ebooks) before going back to the regular promotional price for the rest of the month.

First Light, is now at #1 on the Free Listings Best Seller ranking on

 It's also lying 1st on Amazon in Canada, 4th in the UK, and 2nd in Spain. :-)

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Book Snatch Interview: Michelle Frost

Book Snatch Interview: Michelle Frost:      

I was born and grew up in Africa. Then I married a Scot and moved to the far North of the world. That colours my writing. The o...